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The Y-Expense system provides payments for the following items directly to an employees’ bank account:

· Travel expense reimbursements

· Employee reimbursements - A purchasing card or department purchasing card should primarily be used when purchasing items in behalf of the university. Reimbursements should only be sought due to unusual circumstances. Please note such circumstances on the employee reimbursement expense report.

· Travel advances – Generally only available when acting as a travel group leader or for extended travel.

Y-Expense payments for the travel costs of university guests or non-employed students are made by Accounts Payable check.

The direct deposit bank account used by Y-Expense is set by default as the first listed account employees have designated for the payment of University payroll. Those who want to use this bank account for Y-Expense payments DO NOT need to take any action. Employees may direct Y-Expense payments to another bank account by following these steps:

· BYU homepage,

· Log in to MyBYU

· Under the Work Section, select Direct Deposit

· Select the bank account you would like under the heading Y-Expense-Employee Travel/Other Reimbursements. If the bank account you would like is not available click Add/Update Bank Accounts to enter a new account and then assign that account to Y-Expense.