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Frequency Of Campus Subsystem Feeds

Last updated: 8/8/2010

For changes contact: Rebecca Harrison,, C-249 ASB, 2-4703

The General Ledger receives journal entries electronically from multiple campus sub-systems. These journals are identified by a journal ID (that begins with 3-5 letters followed by unique identification numbers, usually sequential) and the journal date.

Following is the frequency these systems transmit entries to the General Ledger.

Journal ID Prefix Journal Description Frequency
AMTRX Asset Adjustments & Transfers Varies
AMRCT Asset Recategorizations Varies
AMRET Asset Retirements Varies
AMDEPR Depreciation Expense One per Month
APACR AP Accruals Generally Daily
APCAN AP - Cancel Varies
APCLS AP - Close Varies
APPAY AP - Payment Generally Daily
AUX Aux Maintenance One Per Month
BKS Bookstore One Per Month
CASHN Signature Card Mon-Fri (Excluding Holidays)
CASHN Detail Cashiering Mon-Fri (Excluding Holidays)
CCS Chemistry Stores Mon-Sat *Sun if Month-end
COURE Courier Services One Per Month
DCE Division of Continuing Educ Daily
DCE9XXXX Division of Continuing Educ Generally Daily
DCEEQPTINV Division of Continuing Educ One Per Month
DCEFSmmyy Division of Continuing Educ Varies
DCEISmmyy Division of Continuing Educ Generally One Per Month
EATEC Dining Services Generally Daily
EXP Travel Several Daily
GASCY Gas Cylinders One Per Month
INV Inventory Transactions Mon-Fri (Excluding Holidays)
JCHAP Jerusalem Center One Per Month
JCMDB Jerusalem Center One Per Month
JCPAY Jerusalem Payroll One Per Month
LAU Laundry One Per Month
LDSP LDS Philanthropies One Per Month
LFSCISTKRM Life Sciences - Stockroom Generally One per Month
LFSCIISHOP Life Sciences - Instrument Shop Generally One per Month
MAI Mail & Print Services One Per Month
OIT Office of Information Tech Three Per Month
PAYyymmBW# Payroll Staff Two or Three Per Month
PAYyymmMTH Payroll Fac/Admin One Per Month
PCARD Purchasing Card One or Two Per Month
PG Publications and Graphics Varies
PHP Physical Facilities One Per Month
PMPC PMPC Cashiering System Mon-Sat
PYAyymmBW# Payroll Accrual Reversal One First of Month
Payroll Accrual Staff One Last of Month
SAR Student Auxil Acc Rec Varies
SAS SAS Journal Entry Varies
SAS Signature Card Entries Daily
SAS Cashiering System Daily
SF Student Financials Daily
TST* Testing Center Only on Semester End, April-June-August-December
VERACITY Veracity One per Month