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Frequency Of Campus Subsystem Feeds

Last updated: 8/8/2010

For changes contact: Rebecca Harrison,, C-249 ASB, 2-4703

The General Ledger receives journal entries electronically from multiple campus sub-systems. These journals are identified by a journal ID (that begins with 3-5 letters followed by unique identification numbers, usually sequential) and the journal date.

Following is the frequency these systems transmit entries to the General Ledger.

Journal ID PrefixJournal DescriptionFrequency
AMTRXAsset Adjustments & TransfersVaries
AMRCTAsset RecategorizationsVaries
AMRETAsset RetirementsVaries
AMDEPRDepreciation ExpenseOne per Month
APACRAP AccrualsGenerally Daily
APCANAP - CancelVaries
APCLSAP - CloseVaries
APPAYAP - PaymentGenerally Daily
AUXAux MaintenanceOne Per Month
BKSBookstoreOne Per Month
CASHNSignature CardMon-Fri (Excluding Holidays)
CASHNDetail CashieringMon-Fri (Excluding Holidays)
CCSChemistry StoresMon-Sat *Sun if Month-end
COURECourier ServicesOne Per Month
DCEDivision of Continuing EducDaily
DCE9XXXXDivision of Continuing EducGenerally Daily
DCEEQPTINVDivision of Continuing EducOne Per Month
DCEFSmmyyDivision of Continuing EducVaries
DCEISmmyyDivision of Continuing EducGenerally One Per Month
EATECDining ServicesGenerally Daily
EXPTravelSeveral Daily
GASCYGas CylindersOne Per Month
INVInventory TransactionsMon-Fri (Excluding Holidays)
JCHAPJerusalem CenterOne Per Month
JCMDBJerusalem CenterOne Per Month
JCPAYJerusalem PayrollOne Per Month
LAULaundryOne Per Month
LDSPLDS PhilanthropiesOne Per Month
LFSCISTKRMLife Sciences - StockroomGenerally One per Month
LFSCIISHOPLife Sciences - Instrument ShopGenerally One per Month
MAIMail & Print ServicesOne Per Month
OITOffice of Information TechThree Per Month
PAYyymmBW#Payroll StaffTwo or Three Per Month
PAYyymmMTHPayroll Fac/AdminOne Per Month
PCARDPurchasing CardOne or Two Per Month
PGPublications and GraphicsVaries
PHPPhysical FacilitiesOne Per Month
PMPCPMPC Cashiering SystemMon-Sat
PYAyymmBW#Payroll Accrual ReversalOne First of Month
Payroll Accrual StaffOne Last of Month
SARStudent Auxil Acc RecVaries
SASSAS Journal EntryVaries
SASSignature Card EntriesDaily
SASCashiering SystemDaily
SFStudent FinancialsDaily
TST*Testing CenterOnly on Semester End, April-June-August-December
VERACITYVeracityOne per Month