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Employees of the University traveling with a group for a University sponsored activity are eligible to request a travel cash advance. Anticipated expenses that can be requested to be paid via a cash advance include expenses that cannot be prepaid or expenses that cannot be paid on arrival using a BYU Corporate Travel Card.

Group travel cash advances are requested through the Y-Expense Travel System. The user inputs the cash advance request into Y-Expense through a Travel Authorization application. The user then attaches the budget and other backup documentation relative to the cash advance request and submits the Travel Authorization. The Travel Authorization is reviewed at various levels to determine the need for the cash advance and to authorize the trip. The Travel Authorization will move electronically from one approval to another until all required approvals have been completed. The cash advanced funds will be available in the traveler’s account 1-2 business days after the specified disbursement date indicated on the Travel Authorization. Questions regarding group travel cash advances should be directed to Gene McMurtrey, 422-3403.