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Gift Cards

Treasury Services offers gift card services to the University as a payment mechanism for research and other needs. All gift card requests must be approved through Treasury Services. All other gift cards or cash equivalents are not allowed to be purchased or used on campus

The four University approved gift card options are Campus Gift Cards (no fee), Cougar Cash Deposit (no fee), Prepaid Visa Gift Card ($2.50 fee per card), and E-cards (no fee). When requesting gift cards for uses that are not research related, the request must have the approval of the College Dean or Auxiliary Unit Director. In addition, Amazon E-Cards may only be used for research related requests.

To request gift cards, fill out the Gift Card Request Form and send the completed form to If you have any questions regarding gift cards, please view the Frequently Asked Questions page or call Steve Morley (801-422-7648).

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Gift Card Request Form

Distribution Documentation Form

Cougar Cash Deposit Request Form