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Convenience Checks


Convenience checks are a product of JPMorgan. They are checks drawn on a department purchasing card account and are processed as a credit card transaction. Convenience check transactions appear in Chrome River along with other purchasing card transactions, to be reviewed and approved timely. Unlike the purchasing card, there is a transaction fee associated with each convenience check written. Most areas of campus will not have need of convenience checks and if an infrequent need arises, a convenience check can be issued from Purchasing & Travel.


Convenience checks are used to pay vendors who do not accept credit cards. They should only be used when Fast Track is not an option. Convenience checks can only be used for purchases up to $2,500 and will be rejected if either the single transaction or monthly credit limits are exceeded.


The transaction fee is 2% of the check amount ($2 minimum, $30 maximum fee). Fees will be paid by the department using the convenience check. A $20 penalty may also be assessed by the University for misuse of the convenience check as outlined under restrictions. Misuse of convenience checks may also result in the loss of the checks and/or purchasing card privileges.


Convenience checks should not be used for the following transactions:

  • Vendors who accept credit cards (Use P-card, Department P-Card, or Corporate card)
  • Vendors who do not accept credit cards where a Fast Track category exists (Use Fast Track)
  • Reimbursements to individuals (Use Chrome River)
  • Vendor for which you need to mail a check (Use Fast Track to request a university check to be mailed)
  • Payments for services (Use Fast Track ICO categories)
  • Any restricted purchase for the purchasing card also applies to convenience checks.


Convenience checks are only issued on a department purchasing card account with the approval of the college/division controller and Purchasing & Travel. Replacement convenience checks on authorized accounts can be ordered by contacting Purchasing & Travel at 801-422-3872. Allow up to 2 weeks for processing.

Closed Accounts

When a department purchasing card account is closed all associated convenience checks are no longer valid and should be destroyed.


Convenience checks are accounted for in Chrome River essentially the same way as purchasing card transactions. You will be required to enter the name of the merchant the check was issued to. You will also need to upload your receipt just as you would a purchasing card transaction. The same receipt may be used for the check transaction as well as the fee transaction. Any return of product associated with a convenience check must be deposited back into the account in which the funds were expensed. Documentation of such a deposit can be sent to to be uploaded into the documentation support of the original transaction.

Last updated: March 27, 2020