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Cash Funds

Research Cash

Research Petty Cash Funds are used to pay research subjects or survey participants in connection with University approved research. To request research cash, please navigate to and you will see where to request research cash. If you have any questions regarding research cash, please view the policies and procedures link below, email or call Steve Morley (801) 422-7648.

Research Cash Fund Policies and Procedures

Research Cash and Gift Card Distribution Form

Change Funds

Change Funds are used for the sole purpose of making change to customers in the normal course of business operations. To open a new change fund, submit a completed Change Fund Application form and follow the procedures below. To request a temporary increase in an existing change fund, email or call Tammy Miner at (801) 422-2914.

Change Fund Application

Change Fund Policies and Procedures

Petty Cash

Petty Cash Funds are primarily used to reimburse individuals for small, incidental, non-travel expenditures. Purchasing cards are the preferred method for covering these incidental expenditures. For this reason, requests for petty cash will only be approved in situations where the purchasing card cannot be used.

Petty Cash Application

Petty Cash Reimbursement Form

Petty Cash Fund Policies and Procedures


Steve Morley

Tammy Miner