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Accounting - Equipment

Asset Capitalization

Capital Asset Retirement

Capital Equipment, Software, and Vehicles

Research Equipment

Sale of Equipment to Employees

Surplus Procedures


Asset Write-Off

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Document Retention

Fund 20 Rules

Inventory of Products and Supplies

Journal Entry Guidance

Journal Entry Approval and Supporting Documentation

Moving Procedures

Operating Unit Setup Forms

Queries-Scheduled Delivery

Surplus Property

Wage Corrections/Transfers


Annual Resource Planning

Endowments & Gifts

Endowment FAQs

Investment Pool Capital Addition or Withdrawals

Grants & Contracts

Allowable & Unallowable Costs

Cost Sharing Procedure

Cost Transfer Guidelines

Effort Reporting Procedure

Faculty Time & Effort Report Instructions

Financial Document Retention Procedures

Participant Support Costs

Sponsored Programs Handbook

Student Time & Effort Report Instructions

Subrecipient Monitoring


Application for BYU Payment Cards

BYU Campus Cards for Departments

BYU Purchasing Cards

Chrome River Payments

Compliance Report Fees

Convenience Checks

Fast Track Payments

Gift Cards

Intra Campus Departmental Sales

Petty Cash

Research Cash

Travel Cash Advances

Wire Transfers



Payroll Accrual

Salary Reimbursements From Businesses/Universities

Supervisor Time Approval

Time Management

Salary & Wage Corrections/Transfers


Account Receivable Procedures


FACTA Compliance Program

Obtain Customer Credit

On-line Payments by Off Campus Receivable Customers

Post Charges to Off Campus Receivable Customers

Post Charges to Student Accounts

Student Account Security Access Request


Family Travel

Foreign Payments

Gift Cards

Independent Contractors

Meals & Hosting

Moving Procedures


Agency Accounts

Cash Controls

Cash Funds

Department Deposit

Investment Management

Merchant Services

PCI Compliance

Unidentified Funds