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All bankruptcy court notices and attorney letters referencing “bankruptcy” received by campus units should be forwarded to the Office of the General Counsel (“OGC”) in a timely manner.

OGC will contact campus units with receivables to determine if any amounts are owed by the bankruptcy debtors to BYU. If amounts are owed, OGC will work with the campus unit to file a proof of claim and to determine whether any other filings or appearances are necessary in the bankruptcy proceedings. OGC will maintain copies of all bankruptcy notices and filings and track pertinent deadlines.

When OGC is alerted of a bankruptcy proceeding, they will also make sure that Student Financial Services, and other departments which manage their own receivables, are aware. This will help BYU to respect the “automatic stay” provisions and avoid any efforts to collect debts from the bankrupt party until the bankruptcy has been discharged, assuming BYU’s charges are not included in those being discharged.

Office of the General Counsel
Jill Williams