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Post Charges: Off-Campus Receivables

If you need to post a credit to your original invoice or if you need to provide your customer with an official credit memo, please just email We can provide you with a Credit Memo Template that matches your Invoice Template. You can also make an adjustment to your invoice you provided to your customer and send them an updated copy. You will want to send the credit memo or updated copy to so we can make the appropriate account adjustments.

Invoice Procedure

In this example you will learn how to fill out the New Invoice Template. You should have received a copy of an invoice template specific to your department. If you have not received a new template for your department or if you have questions about the form or process, contact Off-Campus Receivables at (801) 422-7549 or by email at

1. Open the new Invoice Template.

2. When the worksheet is first loaded, you might need to enable the macros. Click the Enable Content button.
3. Double click the Invoice field. Enter the desired information (invoice number) into the field. (Invoice numbers come from your designated list. This list is provided to you by Off-Campus Receivables unless otherwise specified to you.)