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Past-Due Accounts/Writeoffs

We are able to send severely past due accounts to a collection agency for a Pre-Collection process. The customer is contacted by the collection agency and given 30 days to pay off their balance due without any collection consequences. If the account is not paid within the 30 days it will roll over to active collections. This collection status has both agency fees and credit reporting consequences. We have had a very high collection rate for items sent to Pre-Collect.

If you wish to have a balance written off, you will need to fill out the attached form to the best of your ability. BYU prefers to exhaust all collection efforts before writing off a balance. If you do not wish to pursue additional collection effort through an outside collection agency you will need to provide business justification for this decision. You will want to send all information and forms associated with the write off to the Off-Campus Receivables manager, Crystal Frazier (


Crystal Frazier


Write-Off Form