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Sale of Equipment to Current and Retiring Employees

Unneeded university equipment is to be disposed according to the Surplus Property Policy. Employees may not take or purchase university computer or other equipment at termination or retirement unless there is a driving business reason. When such a reason exists, and with the approval of the Administration Vice President and Academic Vice President, the equipment can be purchased by the employee at fair market value.

Occasionally a faculty member leaving BYU to work at another institution may take research equipment paid for with federal funds, to continue the research at the other institution.

Many of the software licenses for the university apply only to active employees. When approved to be sold to or transferred with the employee, university software must be removed from all access devices, including cell phones, tablets, etc. by department CSRs.

Approval Process

Approval to purchase university equipment is required from the Administration Vice President and the Academic Vice President. Deans and directors may recommend approval, but they are not authorized to approve these requests (see exception below). Employees should fill out the Authorization For Faculty To Purchase Or Transfer Equipment form on the HR webpage. Non-faculty employees would use the same form.

As noted on the “Authorization For Faculty To Purchase Or Transfer Equipment” form, please contact the individuals below to determine the fair market value of the equipment to be sold.

Cell Phones and Tablet Computers

When an employee terminates or retires and has a university owned cell phone, or tablet device, a dean or director is authorized to approve the device purchase (without VP approval) using the Authorization For Faculty To Purchase Or Transfer Equipment form. University software should be removed by department CSRs before purchase.