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The Fund chartfield is a reporting attribute assigned to Operating Units identifying its net asset category or restriction code.

Major Fund classifications correspond to the University's annual financial report presentation as required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board, namely: Unrestricted, Temporarily Restricted, and Permanently Restricted. These categories are determined based on restrictions placed upon resources provided to the University by donors.

  • Unrestricted net assets are available for any purpose as determined by management under the direction of the Board of Directors. Unrestricted net assets have no donor-imposed restrictions, or restrictions can be considered to have been satisfied through the expenditure of other University resources. Generally funds with donor restrictions are only expended consistent with those restrictions.
  • Temporarily restricted net assets include funds with stipulated time or purpose restrictions. When those restrictions are satisfied, temporarily restricted net assets are reclassified to unrestricted net assets and are reported in the Statement of Activities as net assets released from restrictions.
  • Permanently restricted net assets have restrictions that require them to be maintained in perpetuity (endowments provided by donors).

Each of these major fund groups are further defined by sub-funds which are listed below.

Restriction CategoryFundResponsible AccountantPhone
Unrestricted11 Budgeted and General FundUniversity Accountant
Unrestricted12 Academic or General University AuxiliaryUniversity Accountant
Unrestricted13 Education RelatedUniversity Accountant
Unrestricted15 Auxiliary and Services EnterprisesUniversity Accountant
Unrestricted17 Property Management, UnrestrictedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted19 University DesignatedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted20 Faculty ConsolidationKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted21 Allocated General EndowmentKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted23 Donor Restricted, SatisfiedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted28 Sponsored ProgramsDavid Morris422-7548
Unrestricted31 Endowment IncomeKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted32 Endowment InvestmentsKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted35 Quasi Endowment, SatisfiedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted37 Property Mgmt, Quasi Endow SatisfiedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted39 Plant FundMarshall Chamberlain422-4436
Unrestricted43 AnnuityKathleen Rugg422-8025
Unrestricted47 Deposits Held for OthersUniversity Accountant
Temporarily Restricted51 Donor RestrictedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Temporarily Restricted53 Donor Restricted, Deferred GiftsKathleen Rugg422-8025
Temporarily Restricted55 Quasi EndowmentKathleen Rugg422-8025
Permanently Restricted72 True EndowmentKathleen Rugg422-8025
Permanently Restricted73 True Endowment, Deferred GiftsKathleen Rugg422-8025
Permanently Restricted76 LoanLarry McFerson 422-2080
Permanently Restricted77 Property Management, RestrictedKathleen Rugg422-8025
Other89 Church AffiliatesKathleen Rugg422-8025

Please see related pages discussing Operating Units, Accounts, Classes, Funds, Departments, and Program Codes.

Unrestricted Funds

11 Budgeted and General Fund
General University income and Academic/Administrative budgeted expense units. Primary funding is from Church support and student tuition.

12 Academic or General University Auxiliary
Academic and general university units operating as auxiliaries which are self supporting, i.e.

  • Continuing Education
  • Executive MBA Program
  • International Study Programs
  • Student Life Programs

13 Education Related
Units with business-like operations that generate revenue, are self supporting and are closely associated with academic activities.

15 Auxiliary and Services Enterprises
Support units that generate revenue and are primarily self supporting.

17 Property Management, Unrestricted
Property donated to the university, proceeds from liquidation or the property itself may be used by the university without restriction.

19 Designated
Activities utilizing administration-designated funds for operations.

20 Faculty Consolidation
Available to faculty and other individuals for the purpose of consolidating various spendable funds into a single Operating Unit.

21 Allocated General Endowment
University allocated general endowment funds to support specific projects/activities.

23 Donor Restricted, Satisfied
External donor funds with use restrictions. Typically, other university spending has technically satisfied the restriction, but the administration has determined that donor funds will still be used in the manner directed by the donor.

28 Sponsored Programs
Research grants and contracts funded by resources external to the University.

31 Endowment Income
Funds spendable from True and Quasi Endowment income.

32 Endowment Investments
Investments or un-invested claim on cash and related accumulated income/appreciation for True and Quasi Endowments.

35 Quasi Endowment, Satisfied
Donor and other university funds which could be spent currently but which are set aside for endowment by the administration.

37 Property Management, Quasi Satisfied
Property donated to the university which has been established by the administration as a Quasi Endowment, liquidation of which will provide funding for Quasi Endowments.

39 Plant Fund
Fixed assets and capital equipment of the university.

43 Annuity
Contributions from donors from which the university pays an annuity during their lives. At death, remaining contributions revert to the university.

47 Deposits Held for Others
Non-university funds held for organizations as a convenience to those organizations, sometimes called agency accounts.

Temporarily Restricted Funds

51 Donor Restricted
External donor funds with use restrictions. Other university spending does not satisfy the restriction.

53 Donor Restricted, Deferred Gifts
Use is restricted because gift is deferred until occurrence of a future event.

55 Quasi Endowment
External donor funds with use restrictions which are set aside as an endowment by the administration. Other university spending does not satisfy the restriction.

Permanently Restricted Funds

72 True Endowment
Donor funds which have been specified to be held in perpetuity. Earnings from the investment of these funds provides funding for university operations.

73 True Endowment, Deferred Gifts
Donor funds which have been specified to be held in perpetuity. Gift is deferred until occurrence of a future event.

76 Loan
Funds provided by donors for short and long-term student lending programs.

77 Property Management, Restricted
Property donated to the university which will provide funding for True Endowments upon liquidation.

Other Non-University Related Funds

89 Church Affiliates
Accounting services provided to Church Affiliates as a convenience to the LDS Church.