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The Class chartfield is defined by campus managers and is associated with transactions to accumulate costs in sub-categories.

Class codes are five characters and their use is optional. When Classes are used with transactions, they are used in conjunction with other chartfields, namely Operating Unit and Account.

Operating Unit - Account - Class (optional)

Numeric ranges have been assigned to each college/division for them to determine the assignment of Class numbers and definitions at their discretion. Classes can also be a 5-character alphanumeric value. Alphanumeric Classes are assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Class codes can be established by submitting a written request to your Controller with the proposed Class code and description (up to thirty characters). Upon approval, your Controller will submit the request to the University Accountant that supports your College/Division.

Please see related pages discussing Operating Units, Accounts, Classes, Funds, Departments, and Program Codes in more detail.