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Last updated: 12/02/2015

For changes contact: Rebecca Harrison,, C-249 ASB, 2-4703

Following are Journal Source Codes used in the University's financial system. Additional Line Reference and Line Description definitions for Campus Subsystem Feeds (2xx source numbers below) can be accessed on the " Journal Sources - Campus Subsystems " page.

SourceDescriptionPhone #Contact
007Investment Properties2-3403Gene McMurtrey
015Physical Facilities Proj Corr2-5456Matt Johnson
017Physical Facilities General2-5502Diane Jacobson
018Physical Facilities Reallocate2-5502Diane Jacobson
019Physical Facilities MP Corr2-5445Don Kopp
020Church Budget Allotment2-4436Marion Golding
023Multicultural Students2-4520Diane Hill
024Special Events2-6090Kay Burr
027Treasury Services - Banking2-3403Gene McMurtrey
028Gifts LDS Philanthropies2-5996Anna Peacock
030Student Fee Distributions2-4436Marion Golding
032Library2-4433Allen Arnoldsen
033International Study Programs2-6621Ryan Zirker
034Maxwell Institute2-9044Jeremy King
035Kennedy Center2-6621Ryan Zirker
036Visual Arts2-2343Kelly Bready
037Center for Teaching & Learning2-2395Dana Lipari
041BYU Store2-3867Steve Russo
043BYU Store Cash Transactions2-3867Steve Russo
044Athletics2-2098Bob Schirmer
045MTC2-1342Jess Knight
046Print and Mail Production Cntr2-6625Ryan Sondrup
047DMBA Health Insurance2-4436Marion Golding
050Budget Allocation2-4436Marion Golding
052Bank Adjustments2-2080Larry McFerson
055CUBS Transactions2-2080Larry McFerson
058Communications2-6142Layne Peterson
059DMBA Retirement2-4436Marion Golding
060Arts Production2-4577Brian Olson
061Creative Marketing2-3909Erin Jackson
062Alumni Relations2-7579Jason Brown
063Aspen Grove801-225-9554Brian Ackerman
064PERSS Admin2-2853Laura Black
065Chemistry2-6154Kim B Christensen
066The Wall2-5850Ashleigh Adkins
071Travel2-2925Eric Smith
072Museum of Art2-7943Teresa Taylor
073School of Music2-6343Brett Thomas
075BYU Broadcasting2-8487Gary Rex
077Cell Phones and Pagers2-4702Garlan McCoy
079Compliance Report2-3760Alisa Johansson
084Student Programs2-7061Steve Allen
085Buys & Sells Investment Pool2-5996Anna Peacock
087Endowment Transactions2-6630Paul K Larsen
093Daily Universe2-7102Ellen Hernandez
095Health Center2-5146Aaron Larson
097Capital Equip Adjustments GL2-9766Ben Wake
100CUBS Interest Income2-5996Anna Peacock
101University Accessibility Centr2-6044Caren Harris
106Investment Pool MV Adjustments2-5996Anna Peacock
110Publications & Graphics2-4137Natalie Miles
115University Communications2-8373Becky Sanderson
116Physical Facilities Transfers2-5456Matt Johnson
121Creative Works2-7634Mary Jo Tansy
125Veracity Communications, Inc.2-1292Andy Coats
130DCE General2-0119Scott Howell
133Con Ed - Daril Johnson2-9309Daril Johnson
134Con Ed - Ryan Wells2-6721Ryan Wells
135Con Ed - Shauna Hawkins2-6015Shauna Hawkins
136Con Ed - Hal Johnson2-9777Hal Johnson
137Con Ed - Shawnelle Aston2-2668Shawnelle Aston
138Con Ed - Lindsay Von Forell2-8397Lindsay Von Forell
139Con Ed - Scott Howell2-0119Scott Howell
141BYU Store (manual)2-3867Steve Russo
151OIT Journal Entries2-7840Jason Allphin
152OIT Scott Payne2-2358Scott Payne
153OIT Jason Allphin2-7840Jason Allphin
154OIT Drew Thompson2-3248Drew Thompson
155OIT Josh DeWitt2-1832Josh DeWitt
156OIT Whitney Webb2-8799Whitney Webb
157OIT Janice Foutz2-4069Janice Foutz
158OIT David Farnsworth2-6637David Farnsworth


Corp of President / LDSP Trans




Andrew Cluff, Anna Peacock

185Human Resource Department2-8135Karen Pingel
188Jerusalem Center2-6639Kevin Walker
190BYU Store & PERSS2-3867Steve Russo
191Risk Management2-2797Craig Haderlie
192Auxiliary Maintenance2-4562Rich Wager
194University Police2-2383Susan Gunnell
195Dining Services2-1459Cordell Briggs
Y-Market Place



Eric Smith/Jeff Moss
205Jerusalem Center2-6639Kevin Walker
206Jerusalem Center2-6639Kevin Walker
210Publications & Graphics2-4137Natalie Miles
212OFIS System Janice Foutz2-4069Janice Foutz
213NetSuite - OIT2-7840Jason Allphin
216Physical Facilities Billing2-5502Diane Jacobson
217Asset Management Transactions2-9766Ben Wake
224Kuali Research Budget Entries2-8123David Nichols
228LDSP Cash Feed2-5996Anna Peacock
234Continuing Educ-Legacy2-0119Scott Howell
235Continuing Educ-Oracle2-0119Scott Howell
241BYU Store2-3867Steve Russo
246PMPC2-2809Diane Foerster
251Life Sciences - Stockroom2-5683Brian Johnson
252Science Support Shop2-3235Jim Armstrong
Life Sciences - DNA Sequencing2-3647Ed Wilcox
255INFOR Point of Sale2-5716Dane Larsen
256Atrium Transactions2-5716Dane Larsen
257Cougar Cash Daily Posting2-5716Dane Larsen
258Cashiering System2-4759Terry Freek
260Payroll2-7537Shannon Kelly
264Payroll Accrual2-7537Shannon Kelly
265Payroll Accrual Reversal2-7537Shannon Kelly
272University Customer Accounts2-4259Daniel Christensen



Eric Smith/Jeff Moss



Matthew Allen/Linda Richards
277JPMorgan Mapper2-5716Dane Larsen
278Central Stores Gas Cylinders2-6441Brent Swasey
281Laundry2-2518Front Desk - Laundry
282Central Stores2-6441Brent Swasey
283Dining EATEC2-4578Robert Smith
284Mail Services2-6067Roma Hardy
287Auxiliary Maintenance2-3098David Boekweg
290BYU Store & PERSS2-3867Steve Russo
292Dining Services Cashiering System2-1459Cordell Briggs
296Testing Services2-2395Dana Lipari
395Agency Checks (Wells Fargo)2-3403Gene McMurtrey
406JE Sechler, Sheri2-2004Sheri Sechler
408JE Blum, Brian2-4023Brian Blum
410JE Yapias, Marva2-6641Marva Yapias
414JE Moss, Jeff2-7009Jeff Moss
416JE Golding, Marion2-4436Marion Golding
421JE Christensen, Daniel2-4259Daniel Christensen
422JE Frazier, Crystal2-2009Crystal Frazier
424JE Smith, Eric2-2925Eric Smith
425JE McCoy, Garlan2-4702Garlan McCoy
426JE Walker, Kevin2-6639Kevin Walker
427JE Back, Preston2-8098Preston Back
430JE Robinson, Brooke2-8962Brooke Robinson
432JE Peacock, Anna2-5996Anna Peacock
438JE Glenn, Lori2-1625Lori Glenn
440JE Hanson, Jay2-2694Jay Hanson
442JE Christensen, Joel2-3693Joel Christensen
444JE Nichols, David2-8123David Nichols
446JE Larson, Craig2-8062Craig Larson
450JE Morris, David2-7548David Morris
452Payroll Manual Corrections2-7537Shannon Kelly
454JE Chase, Kristi2-8564Kristi Chase
458JE Keeler,Chelsey2-7694Chelsey Keeler
460JE Research Accounting Student2-7548David Morris
462JE Harrison, Rebecca2-4703Rebecca Harrison
466JE Nelson,Allen2-2909Allen Nelson
468Plant / AM Adjustments2-9766Ben Wake
476JE McFerson, Larry2-2080Larry McFerson
484JE Gardner,Duff2-8061Duff Gardner
488JE Rugg,Kathleen2-8025Kathleen Rugg
499JE Not Subject to Comb EditsAccountant Responsible for OU
600Public Affairs/Guest Relations2-5766Lois Williams
601SAAS2-6426Joe Lance
602Graduate Studies2-1586James Crane
603Faculty Center2-9381Muriel Allen
604Undergraduate Education2-6136Carolyn Tuitupou
605Research and Creative Works2-5995Lynn Patton
606Academic Vice President2-4064Kris Nelson
607Controller - ASB Entities2-2734Doug Belliston
608International Vice President2-1803Kate Andreason
609Planning and Assessment2-4919Colleen Johnson
620Performing Arts Management2-1803Kate Andreason
622Life Sciences2-6788Russell Nielson
623McKay School of Education2-3858Steven Christensen
624Engineering and Technology2-3543Matthew Bean
625Family, Home, & Social Science2-8192Michael E Nelson
626Fine Arts and Communications2-6488Scott Boyter
627Department of Dance2-5087Linda Kump
629Humanities2-3665Jared Christensen
630J. Reuben Clark Law School2-6660Timothy Keller
632Nursing2-7189Kathy Whitenight
634Physical and Math Sciences2-5597Kurt Huntington
635Religious Education2-6149Josh McDaniel
636Marriott School2-3900Eric Teel
ALOAllocationsAccountant Responsible for OU
APAccounts Payable2-3845AP Dept or Accountant Responsible for OU
BUDBudget Office2-4097Budget Office
ENDEncumbranceAccountant Responsible for OU
ONLOnline JournalAccountant Responsible for OU