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Square Mobile Credit Card

BYU Treasury Services offers the ability to take in-person credit card payments using Square on an iPad that can be checked out. This option of taking payments is quick, and easy to learn and use. The following are instructions on how to reserve an iPad to take payments using Square:

  1. Send an email to with the following information at least one week in advance:
    1. Group Name
    2. Name of Contact(s) picking up the equipment
    3. Dates iPad is needed
    4. GL Number (Operating Unit, Account, Class) If you are unsure of your GL number, please contact your controller for this information.
    5. Number of iPads needed
    6. Will payments be done on or off campus (possible tax compliance needs)
  2. Complete the PCI Cashier Training found at Email the certificate of completion to This PCI Cashier Training must be completed annually.

If you need training on using Square, you can schedule a meeting during your iPad pickup, and the Merchant Services team will show you how to use it. You will receive an iPad, Square Card Reader, iPad charger, and the passcode to unlock the iPad.

Please visit Square Troubleshooting Tips and Reminders for common issues and solutions.


Braden Stohlton