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Tax Office

The Tax Office of Regulatory Accounting and Reporting is responsible for managing the University's tax compliance and provides services to help University departments with their tax issues.

To protect the University's interests, we cannot provide personal tax advice or compliance assistance to students, employees, or non-University associations.

Please select the appropriate tax topic from the menu to the left or contact us.

Kevin L. Walker, Director
Office: C-233 ASB
Phone: 801-422-6639

Preston J. Back, Manager
Office: B-279 ASB
Phone: 801-422-8098

Paul Larsen, CPA Assistant Manager
Office: B-280A ASB
Phone: 801-422-6630

Maria Bateman, Associate
Office: B-280 ASB
Phone: 801-422-4831

For Additional Information
Office: B-280 ASB
Phone: 801-422-7100