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Faculty Or Other Salaries Reimbursed By Other Universities Or Businesses

Occasionally, University faculty or other employees will work for another university or business, yet, for benefit purposes, still be paid by Brigham Young University (BYU). In such cases, BYU requests reimbursement from the other university or business, usually for both salary and benefits. When this reimbursement is received, the college or department should deposit the reimbursement as an offset to the salary and benefits expenses that were recorded when BYU paid the faculty member or other employee. This means that the same 8-character operating unit should be used (i.e. 11-XXXXXX). However, instead of using the same expense account (e.g.. 5100, 5910, etc.), coding should be done to salary reimbursement accounts that begin with '5' and end in '9' ( e.g. 5109 for faculty salary and 5999 for benefits.)


Payroll Office