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Financial Services’ financial and regulatory accounting responsibilities are administered by the following areas and people.

General Accounting and Reporting

The General Accounting and Reporting Office helps to receive, process and evaluate financial information from across the campus to provide consistent and complete reporting of the University's financial resources to various BYU stakeholders.

John Leatherwood, Director
Office: B-279 ASB
Phone: 801-422-7785

Rebecca Harrison, Manager
Office: C-275 ASB
Phone: 801-422-4703

University Accountants

Regulatory Accounting and Reporting

Regulatory Accounting and Reporting is responsible for managing the University's endowments and gifts, research accounting, and tax compliance, including helping University departments with their tax matters. To protect the University's interests, we cannot provide personal tax advice or compliance assistance to students, employees, or non-University associations. See individual pages related to these areas for additional information.

Kevin L. Walker, Director
Office: C-233 ASB
Phone: 801-422-6639

Endowment & Gift Accounting

Kathleen Rugg, Manager
Office: C-233 ASB
Phone: 801-422-8025

Grants & Contracts Accounting

David Morris, Acting Manager
Office: A-261 ASB
Phone: 801-422-7548


Paul Larsen, Manager
Office: B-34A ASB
Phone: 801-422-6630