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Gift Type Definitions

All gifts (including cash) are accepted according to the gift giving policy and processed through LDS Philanthropies and transmitted to BYU Financial Services at the end of each month. LDSP donor liaisons and college/department personnel should be responsible to ensure that gifts are properly classified to the correct donor purpose operating unit and only spent on items as per the donor’s designation. All corrections to gifts and operating units should be processed by LDSP.


These donated collections include works of art, natural history, (living and artifacts) and other similar objects. These donated collections are recorded by LDSP based on appraised value but not reported as a gift by BYU for financial statement purposes. University departments have a responsibility to control, preserve and protect these collections.

Deferred Gifts/Split-Interest Gifts/Planned Gifts:

These are trusts or other arrangements initiated by donors under which not-for-profit organizations receive benefits that are shared with either the donor or third party beneficiaries. These are recorded on the books as an asset at estimated net present value. Note, an event has to occur; such as the donor and spouse passing away before cash will be received. The amounts recorded on the books is simply reflecting some approximation of what BYU would receive at year-end if the trusts actually terminated at year-end.


Most securities given to BYU by donors are publicly traded stock and the church immediately sells these securities. The security value will almost always agree to the cash received. Typically cash is received the month following the donation. If we receive non-publicly traded securities these will be valued at $1.

Real Estate:

Real estate given by donors to the university is valued at fair market value at time of gift and recorded/classified centrally by financial services. BYU personnel will work with the church real estate division on the timing of selling the property. Once the property is sold, the proceeds are transferred and credited to the respective college/department operating unit, as per the donor designation.


Other items donated to the university are valued by the donor and substantiated by BYU purchasing on the gift notice before LDSP processes the gift.