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Agency Accounts/Sunshine Fund Faqs

Can an agency account use a university department’s Costco card?

Yes. Use a check from the stock assigned to your agency account to make the purchase at Costco. Since agency accounts are not tax exempt funds, be sure to let the clerk know that you need to be charged sales tax for the transaction.

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Can I make out a check to “cash”?

No. Making out a check to “cash” makes it difficult to determine the following:

  1. Who was paid
  2. How much was paid
  3. The business purpose of the payment

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What happens if a vendor rejects an agency check because it does not pass the vendor’s security clearance?

Some vendors, such as Macy’s department store, will not accept agency checks since the individual using the check will not match the identification printed on the face of the agency check. In this circumstance, it is recommended that the account officer use personal funds to make the purchase and then be subsequently reimbursed using an agency account check.

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Where do I go to deposit money I have collected?

You can deposit cash and check using a department deposit.

Also, deposits can be made at the Department Cashier’s Window in D-155 ASB. You will fill out a deposit slip at that window with your Agency Account Number, which is 8 digits and begins with “47”. Be sure to add a “-4740” after your agency account number to designate the transaction as a deposit.

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What happens if a vendor processes my agency check electronically and then gives me back the check?

Vendors such as Walmart and Target will process your agency check electronically. Unfortunately, when a check is processed electronically, the information on the signers of the check is not transmitted and authorization can’t be verified. In this scenario, if the vendor gives you back the check, keep the check for your records. Treasury Services will reach out to you to get more information about the check when it clears the bank.

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Are agency accounts limited to only 5 authorized signers on the signature card?

No. Although there are only five lines for authorized signers on the signature card, you can add other individuals immediately below these lines. In addition, the advisor also counts as an authorized signer even though this signature is found toward the bottom of the page. Please use caution when selecting authorized signers; the total number of signers should not exceed eight individuals.

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Can I purchase a gift card using an agency account check?

Sunshine funds and other employee gift funds that were created for the explicit purpose of gift-giving ARE authorized to purchase gift cards using agency checks. The primary purpose of these accounts is to distribute gifts and the source of their revenue is usually voluntary contribution from employees. These types of accounts can continue to use their funds to purchase gift cards and cash equivalents.

All other agency accounts are NOT authorized to purchase gift cards or any other cash equivalent. Other agency accounts may only purchase gift cards issued by Treasury Services. Gift cards include prepaid cards, merchant gift cards, gift certificates, movie tickets, coupons, or any other cash equivalent.

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How does an authorized agency account signer get reimbursed when there are only a couple of people authorized to sign checks?

Since a payee cannot act as an authorized signer on his or her own check, it is strongly recommended that agency accounts have three or more authorized signers per agency account. This will enable two authorized signers to sign a check that has another authorized signer listed as a payee.

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