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Allocation Journal Entries University Accountant Rebecca Harrison 422-4703
Budget Joel Christensen 422-3693Paul Behrmann 422-6633
Business Objects Financial Reports & Queries Brittany Sievers
Marion Golding
Rebecca Harrison
Craig Larson 422-8062
Capital Equipment, Vehicles, SoftwareBen Wake422-9766 Craig Larson 422-8062
Freezing/Inactivating Operating Units University AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
General Accounting QuestionsUniversity AccountantCraig Larson 422-8062
Individual Student Accounts
Journal Entries, reference definitionFS WebsiteRebecca Harrison 422-4703
Manager/Contact ChangesUniversity AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
Month-end Close & Journal ProcessingUniversity AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
Plant Fund & Construction C-ProjectsBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Product InventoryUniversity AccountantCraig Larson 422-8062
Purchase Order EncumbrancesKelly Taylor422-7015Paul Anderson 422-5060
Unaccrued LiabilitiesBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Veracity-Long Distance CallingAndy Coats422-1292
Business Objects
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Business Objects Financial Reports and QueriesBrittany Sievers
Marion Golding
Rebecca Harrison
University Accountant
Business Objects training/supportBrittany Sievers
Marion Golding
Rebecca Harrison
Endowments / Gifts / Trusts
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Deferred Gifts / Trusts (Funds - 53,73)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Endowment Principal / Market Value (Funds - 32,35,55,72)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Endowment Spending (Fund - 31)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Gifts & Designated (Funds - 19,20,21,23,51)Terilee Hutchings422-5996Paul K. Larsen 422-6630
Gift Processing & QuestionsMarva Yapias422-6641Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Gifts to BYULDS Philanthropies422-4444
Gifts Properties (Funds - 17,37,77)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Grants and Contracts Accounting
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Sponsored Research SupportDavid Nichols422-8123David Morris
Fringe Benefits on ResearchDavid Morris422-7548David Nichols
Effort ReportingDavid Morris422-7548David Nichols
Subcontracts/FastTracksDavid Morris422-7548David Nichols
Summer Research Salary PaymentsDavid Morris422-7548David Nichols
Questions Related to: Contact PersonPhone Other Options
Access Sallie Schmitt 422-9030 Andrew Cluff 422-6218
General Questions Sallie Schmitt 422-9030Andrew Cluff 422-6218
Investments and Banking
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
CASHNetTerry Freek422-4759Dane Larsen
Credit Card Merchant ProcessingGene McMurtrey422-3403Brian Andelin
Department Deposit CashieringSteve Morley422-4878Tammy Miner
E-Commerce Websites (on CASHNet)Terry Freek422-4759Dane Larsen
Gift CardsSteve Morley422-7648Tammy Miner
Investment PoolsDavid Paul422-4887
Investment PropertyGene McMurtrey422-3403Doug Belliston
Merchant FeesGene McMurtrey422-3403Brian Andelin
Non-campus PropertiesGene McMurtrey422-3403Doug Belliston
PCI ComplianceGene McMurtrey422-3403David Paul
Petty Cash & Change FundsSteve Morley422-7648Tammy Miner
Stop PaymentsChristine O' Halloran422-7648Steve Morley
Wire TransferChristine O' Halloran422-7648Steve Morley
Research CashSteve Morley422-7648Tammy Miner
CUBS Account (IROP's)Steve Morley422-7648Dane Larsen
Cougar CashDane Larsen422-5716Jon Hardy
Questions Related to: Contact PersonPhone Other Options
Moving Expense ReimbursementsPaul Larsen422-6630Kevin Walker 422-6639
Unclaimed Property Terilee Hutchings422-5996 Paul Larsen 422-6630
Payments to Vendors
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
ACH & Check PaymentsAndrew Cluff422-6218Nancy Wilson 422-6220
Fast Track PaymentsSallie Schmitt422-9030Marva Yapias 422-6221
General AP QuestionsAP Front Desk422-3845Andrew Cluff 422-6218
Purchase Orders & YMarketplace Vendors A-GNancy Wilson422-6220Debbie Gooch 422-6221
Purchase Orders & YMarketplace Vendors H-ZDebbie Gooch422-6221Nancy Wilson 422-6220
Payments to BYU
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
Dishonored Checks & Other accounts in CollectionGlenda Tolman422-6634Bill Welsh 422-6762
Fee ExceptionsLynette Cummings422-4701
General Receivables (employees & businesses)Crystal Frazier422-2009422-7549
Student FeesStudent Services422-4104
Student Receivables Student Services422-4104
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhone
1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source of Income StatementPreston Back422-8098
Payroll QuestionsPayroll Office422-8186
Payroll Garnishments Pamela Wilson422-6591
W-2's Wage and Tax Statement Payroll Office422-8186
Property, Buildings, and Equipment
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Capital Assets
Land, Buildings, Improvements, Furnishings & Fixtures, Equipment, Vehicles, Library Content, Software, Media
Ben Wake 422-9766 Craig Larson 422-8062
Capital Equipment Ben Wake 422-9766 Craig Larson 422-8062
Capital Equipment Physical Inventory Ben Wake 422-9766 Craig Larson 422-8062
Construction Projects Ben Wake Craig Larson 422-8062
Cost/Depreciation Reports Ben Wake 422-9766 Craig Larson 422-8062
Investment Property Paul Larsen 422-6630Gene McMurtrey 422-3403
Transfer, Sale, Disposal, Surplus, Lost or Stolen, Fabricated, Donation, Off-campus Ben Wake 422-9766 Craig Larson 422-8062
Purchasing - Fast Track
Questions Related to: Contact Person Phone Other Options
Approval Routing Help Desk 422-5644 Kelly Taylor
Category Questions Help Desk 422-5644 Kelly Taylor
New Vendor Requests Help Desk 422-5644 Kelly Taylor
New Buyers Doug Buhler 422-7007
Purchasing - Directory by Commodity
Code BYU Description Buyer
ADS Advertising: Print, Radio, TV, Billboards, Internet, etc. Bruce Roden
ADSPEC Awards: Service Awards, Advertising Specialties, Watches, Jewelry, Trophies, etc. Tyler Hansen
AGF Florist Supplies & Materials, including Flowers, etc. Lynette McCoy
AGM Grounds, Landscape, & Farming Machinery and Equipment Terry Hatch
AGS Landscape, & Agricultural Materials & Supplies; Fertilizers, Herbicides Terry Hatch
AGSC Landscaping, Horticultural Services; Farming Terry Hatch
ANF Feed and Supplies for Animals and Animal Care Lynette McCoy
ANL Live Animals, Livestock, Birds, Fish, etc. Lynette McCoy
ANV Animal Health Products and Services, including Veterinary Lynette McCoy
AP Appliances: Laundry, Food Service, Commercial, Domestic, etc. Roland Nelson
APCT Clocks, Time-Keeping Devices, Time Clocks, etc. Lynette McCoy
ARC Arts and Crafts Equipment, Accessories, Supplies Lynette McCoy
ARPD Professional Services: Photographic, Design, Artwork Lynette McCoy
ART Art & Artwork: Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures, Works of Art Lynette McCoy
ATH Athletic, Sports & Recreational Equipment, Supplies, & Accessories  Bruce Roden
BLAE Professional Services: Architectural or Engineering Terry Hatch
BLCM Building Materials, Tools & Supplies (Concrete, Lumber, Steel, Hardware, Sheetrock, etc.) Terry Hatch
BLDW Building Materials--Finished: Doors, Windows, Skylights, Ceiling tiles, Door Hardware, etc. Terry Hatch
BLFC Floor Coverings & Flooring Materials: Carpet, Tile, Hardwood Flooring, etc. Terry Hatch
BLFF Furniture & Fixtures for Office, Classroom, Dormitory, etc. Lynette McCoy
BLM Cleaning and Janitorial Equipment & Supplies, MRO Lynette McCoy
BLMS Cleaning and Janitorial Services, Contracted Cleaning Lynette McCoy
BLP Portable Structures, including Tents, Bleachers, etc. Terry Hatch
BLR Rental or Lease: Office Space, Apartment, Building (not Storage or Warehouse) Bruce Roden
BLS Building Construction, Support, Maintenance and Repair-Contracting Terry Hatch
BLSA Security surveillance and detection: Alarms, Card Access, Locks, CCTV Bruce Roden
BLSI Signage and Accessories (excluding billboards) Terry Hatch
BLWT Window Treatments: Curtains, Drapes, Blinds, Shutters, Laminates, etc. Lynette McCoy
CL Clothing, Costumes, Uniforms, T-shirts, Linens, Textiles, Fabric, Leather, Fibers, Yarn, Notions, etc. Tyler Hansen
COH Computer Hardware: Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Drives, Accessories. (excludes Printers) Paul Anderson
CON Data, Voice or Multimedia Network Equipment, Platforms, Accessories Paul Anderson
COS Software: Purchase or Licensed, including Software as a Service Paul Anderson
COSS Computer Services: Consulting, Programming, Maintenance, Implementation Support Paul Anderson
ECP Electronic Components, Parts and Accessories Paul Anderson
EDFC Educational Facilities: Classroom & Other Rental, Services, etc. Bruce Roden
EDTAM Teaching & Developmental Aids, materials, accessories, supplies, etc. Bruce Roden
EDTST Testing Services & Materials, Evaluations, Standardized Tests, etc. Bruce Roden
EDWSC Educational Institutions: Tuition, Seminars, Conferences, Joint Ventures, etc. Bruce Roden
ELD Electrical Equipment, Devices, Cable, and Supplies (Power, Distribution, & Conditioning) Paul Anderson
ELL Lighting and Fixtures and Accessories, General; Lamps & Ballasts Paul Anderson
ELSS Stage & Studio Lighting Fixtures, Dimmers, Controllers, etc., Lamps Brian Ewell
EN Entertainment Services: Admissions, Performers, Musicians, etc. Bruce Roden
FD Food, Groceries & Beverages, miscellaneous & Vending Roland Nelson
FDD Food: Dry Roland Nelson
FDE Food Service Equipment, including Preparation Equipment Roland Nelson
FDFR Food: Frozen & Refrigerated Roland Nelson
FDS Food Service Supplies Ginger Miller
FDSD Food Service Disposables Ginger Miller
FDSR Food Service: Restaurants and Caterers Ginger Miller
FI Financial Services & Transaction Fees, including Expense Management Services Eric Smith
FII Transactions between CES & LDS Church entities (not elsewhere categorized) Eric Smith
FIT Taxes & Government-imposed Fees Eric Smith
FUL Fuels, Liquid: Gasoline, Diesel, LP Gas, Propane, LNG, Acetylene, etc. Terry Hatch
FUS Fuels, Solid: Coal, Firewood, Gel Fuels Terry Hatch
GMS General Miscellaneous Goods (not fitting another category) Paul Buckner
INE Industrial Equipment: Manufacturing, Processing, Pumps, Compressors, etc. Terry Hatch
INMH Material Handling Equipment: Pallets & Jacks, Forklifts, Shelving, Conveyors, etc. Terry Hatch
LCS Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services Lynette McCoy
LES Laundry Equipment and Supplies Lynette McCoy
LIP Licensing Fees, Intellectual Property Rights, Royalty Payments & Residuals Bruce Roden
MC Radio Communications Devices Brian Ewell
ME Audio-Visual Equipment & Accessories, including Broadcasting & Editing Brian Ewell
MM Audio-Visual Media: DVD & CD Replication, Media Program Licenses & Content Brian Ewell
MP Audio-Visual Productions & Production Services, including Songwriting, Composition, Recording, etc. Brian Ewell
MPH Photographic Equipment, supplies & materials, including Scanners, Imaging, Micrographics Brian Ewell
MS TV & Media Subscription Services: Cable, Satellite, etc. Brian Ewell
MSR Sound Reinforcement, Public Address Systems Brian Ewell
MU Musical Instruments, Supplies & Accessories Brian Ewell
OFF Office Equipment, Printers, Copiers, Multifunction, Scanners Tyler Hansen
OFS Office Supplies & Accessories Jacob Packer
PAP Paper: for Print & Office, Stationery, Wrapping, Drawing, Posters (Excludes Packaging) Tyler Hansen
PAPKG Packing Supplies & Packages: Cartons, Pallets, Cushioning, Crates, etc. Tyler Hansen
PM Printed Media: Magazines, Newspapers, Books, Flyers, etc. Published by others. Tyler Hansen
PRE Printing, Bindery & Prepress Equipment and supplies including plates, ink, film, PUR adhesive, etc. Tyler Hansen
PRS Printing services, printed materials (Printed by BYU) Tyler Hansen
PUB Publishing Contracts & Services Including Information Subscription Services Tyler Hansen
RD Waste Disposal Fees & Costs, including Hazardous Waste Bruce Roden
SEC Consultants: Management, Accounting, Business Paul Buckner
SEI Industrial Services: Welding, Machining, Casting, etc. Terry Hatch
SEIC Independent Contractors, not otherwise classified Paul Buckner
SEL Legal Services, Attorneys fees & retainers Eric Smith
SEM Maintenance & Repair Services, not otherwise classified Terry Hatch
SEMHC Medical & Health Care Services Bruce Roden
SEMS Miscellaneous Services (Work-related organizations) Paul Buckner
SH Freight and Shipping, including parcel services Paul Buckner
SHHG Shipping Household Goods Bruce Roden
SHP Postal Services, (USPS-Government only) Bruce Roden
SS Scientific Supplies, Chemicals & Equipment (<$75,000), Lab Gasses, Test & Measurement Devices, etc. Bruce Roden
SSE Scientific Equipment, Major (Item or System costing $75,000 or more) Bruce Roden
SSMED Medical Equipment, Supplies, Dressings, Medications, Drugs, etc. Bruce Roden
STO Warehousing & Storage Terry Hatch
TCD Data Connectivity Services (Frame Relay, Internet Service provider, etc.) Park Romney
TCEQ Telecommunications Equipment & Supplies Paul Anderson
TCSW Telecommunications Services: Wired & Wireless Paul Anderson
TRAIR Airline Passenger Travel Brian Marks
TRAIRC Airplane Charter Travel Brian Marks
TRDEST Travel Destination Management: Tour Components, cruises, etc. Brian Marks
TRLOD Lodging, Meeting Rooms & Accommodations Bruce Roden
TRPT Passenger Transportation & Travel (excluding airplane) Jacob Packer
TRVR Vehicle Rental, Auto, Truck, Trailer, etc. Paul Anderson
TRX Travel Management Services, Tools, Support Systems and Resources Paul Anderson
UE Utilities-Electric Terry Hatch
UNG Utilities-Natural Gas, including Transportation, etc. Terry Hatch
UWS Utilities-Water, Sewer, Sanitation, etc. Terry Hatch
VCT Vehicles, Motor: On-Road, including Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers, Busses Paul Anderson
VOR Vehicles: Off-Road, including Bicycles, Tractors, ATV's, Boats, etc. Paul Anderson
VPS Vehicle Parts & Supplies: Lubricants, Tires, Repair Parts Paul Anderson
VRS Vehicle Repair & Maintenance Services, Body Shops & Painting Paul Anderson
Research Projects Related
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Center for Service & LearningBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
Engineering & TechnologyKristi Chase422-8564David Morris / David Nichols
FHSSBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
Fine ArtsBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
HumanitiesKristi Chase422-8564David Morris / David Nichols
Kennedy CenterBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
Law SchoolBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
LibraryBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
Life SciencesDavid Morris422-7548David Morris / David Nichols
Marriott School of MgmtBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
Maxwell InstituteBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
NursingDavid Morris422-7548David Morris / David Nichols
Physical & Math SciencesBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
ReligionBrooke Robinson422-8962David Morris / David Nichols
School of EducationDavid Morris422-7548David Morris / David Nichols
Student Financial Services
Questions related to: Contact PhoneOther Options
Student AccountsEnrollment Services422-4104Student Assistants 422-3874
Off-Campus ReceivablesCrystal Frazier422-2009Student Assistants 422-7549
System Access/IssuesDaniel Christensen422-4259
Department Charges Student Account Specialist 422-7694Lori Glenn 422-1625
Dishonored Checks & Other accounts in CollectionCarol Wilde422-6634Bill Welsh 422-6762
Tax Issues
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source of Income StatementPreston Back422-8098Kevin Walker 422-6639
1098 ELori Glenn422-1625ECSI: 888-549-3274
1098 TDaniel Christensen422-4259
1099 Forms - independent contractors, royalties...Accounts Payable 422-3845
General Tax issues & QuestionsPreston Back 422-8098 Kevin Walker 422-6639
Payments to non-US citizens (Forms 1042S)Preston Back422-8098Kevin Walker 422-6639
Sales TaxPreston Back422-8098Kevin Walker 422-6639
W-2's Wage and Tax StatementPayroll Office422-8186
Travel and Reimbursements
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
After Hours Travel AssistancePeter Esera372-4783
After Hours International Travel Assistance360-1404
CharterJohn Bramwell422-5645cell phone: 592-8522
Y-Travel Set-upPaul Anderson422-5060cell phone: 372-3503
Y-Travel BookingBrian Marks422-2906cell phone: 885-1837
Corporate Card Administration Lori Reid422-8246Eric Smith: 422-2925
Corporate Travel Agent ManagerBrian Marks422-2906cell phone: 885-1837
General Services, TicketsFront Desk422-3872fax: 422-0660
Help Desk -- Chrome River, ReimbursementStudents422-5644
International Studies/Student TravelTodd Bird422-9370Kennedy Center: 422-3686
Men's AthleticsLori Sowards422-8026Susan Walters
Women's AthleticsTerri Rowan422-8027Susan Walters

Note: All phone numbers are area code (801), unless stated otherwise.