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Allocation Journal EntriesUniversity AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
BudgetJoel Christensen422-3693Paul Behrmann 422-6633
Business Objects Financial Reports & Queries

Brittany Sievers

Marion Golding

Rebecca Harrison




Craig Larson 422-8062
Capital Equipment, Vehicles, SoftwareBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Freezing/Inactivating Operating UnitsUniversity AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
General Accounting QuestionsUniversity AccountantCraig Larson 422-8062
Individual Student Accounts
Journal Entries, reference definitionFS WebsiteRebecca Harrison 422-4703
Manager/Contact ChangesUniversity AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
Month-end Close & Journal ProcessingUniversity AccountantRebecca Harrison 422-4703
Plant Fund & Construction C-ProjectsBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Product InventoryUniversity AccountantCraig Larson 422-8062
Purchase Order EncumbrancesKelly Taylor422-7015Paul Anderson 422-5060
Unaccrued LiabilitiesBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Veracity-Long Distance CallingAndy Coats422-1292

Business Objects
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Business Objects Financial Reports and QueriesBrittany Sievers
Marion Golding
Rebecca Harrison
University Accountant
Business Objects training/supportBrittany Sievers
Marion Golding
Rebecca Harrison

Endowments / Gifts / Trusts
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Deferred Gifts / Trusts (Funds - 53,73)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Endowment Principal / Market Value (Funds - 32,35,55,72)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Endowment Spending (Fund - 31)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Gifts & Designated (Funds - 19,20,21,23,51)Terilee Hutchings422-5996Paul K. Larsen 422-6630
Gift Processing & QuestionsMarva Yapias422-6641Sheri Sechler 422-2004
Gifts to BYULDS Philanthropies422-4444
Gifts Properties (Funds - 17,37,77)Paul K. Larsen422-6630Sheri Sechler 422-2004

Grants and Contracts Accounting
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Sponsored Research SupportKathleen Rugg422-8025David Nichols
Fringe Benefits on ResearchDavid Nichols422-8123Kathleen Rugg
Effort ReportingDavid Morris422-7548David Nichols
Subcontracts/FastTracksDavid Nichols422-8123Kathleen Rugg
Summer Research Salary PaymentsDavid Morris422-7548David Nichols

Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
Access Sallie Schmitt 422-9030Andrew Cluff 422-6218
General Questions Sallie Schmitt 422-9030Andrew Cluff 422-6218

Investments and Banking
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
CASHNetTerry Freek422-4759Dane Larsen
Credit Card Merchant ProcessingGene McMurtrey422-3403Brian Andelin
Department Deposit CashieringSteve Morley422-4878Tammy Miner
E-Commerce Websites (on CASHNet)Terry Freek422-4759Dane Larsen
Gift CardsSteve Morley422-7648Tammy Miner
Investment PoolsDavid Paul422-4887
Investment PropertyGene McMurtrey422-3403Doug Belliston
Merchant FeesGene McMurtrey422-3403Brian Andelin
Non-campus PropertiesGene McMurtrey422-3403Doug Belliston
PCI ComplianceGene McMurtrey422-3403David Paul
Petty Cash & Change FundsSteve Morley422-7648Tammy Miner
Stop PaymentsChristine O' Halloran422-7648Steve Morley
Wire TransferChristine O' Halloran422-7648Steve Morley
Research CashSteve Morley422-7648Tammy Miner
CUBS Account (IROP's)Steve Morley422-7648Dane Larsen
Cougar CashDane Larsen422-5716Jon Hardy

Questions Related to: Contact PersonPhone Other Options
Moving Expense ReimbursementsPaul Larsen422-6630Kevin Walker 422-6639
Unclaimed Property Terilee Hutchings422-5996 Paul Larsen 422-6630

Payments to Vendors
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
ACH & Check PaymentsAndrew Cluff422-6218Nancy Wilson 422-6220
Fast Track PaymentsSallie Schmitt422-9030Marva Yapias 422-6221
General AP QuestionsAP Front Desk422-3845Andrew Cluff 422-6218
Purchase Orders & YMarketplace Vendors A-GNancy Wilson422-6220Debbie Gooch 422-6221
Purchase Orders & YMarketplace Vendors H-ZDebbie Gooch422-6221Nancy Wilson 422-6220

Payments to BYU
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Dishonored Checks & Other accounts in CollectionCarol Wilde422-663Bill Welsh 422-6762
Fee ExceptionsLynette Cummings422-4701
General Receivables (employees & businesses)Crystal Frazier422-2009422-7549
Student FeesStudent Services422-4104
Student Receivables Student Services422-4104

Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhone
1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source of Income StatementPreston Back422-8098
Payroll QuestionsPayroll Office422-8186
Payroll Garnishments Pamela Wilson422-6591
W-2's Wage and Tax Statement Payroll Office422-8186

Property, Buildings, and Equipment
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Capital Assets

Land, Buildings, Improvements, Furnishings & Fixtures, Equipment, Vehicles, Library Content, Software, Media

Ben Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Capital EquipmentBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Capital Equipment Physical InventoryBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Construction ProjectsBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Cost/Depreciation ReportsBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062
Investment PropertyPaul Larsen422-6630Gene McMurtrey 422-3403
Transfer, Sale, Disposal, Surplus, Lost or Stolen, Fabricated, Donation, Off-campusBen Wake422-9766Craig Larson 422-8062

Purchasing - Fast Track
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Approval RoutingHelp Desk 422-5644Kelly Taylor
Category QuestionsHelp Desk422-5644Kelly Taylor
New Vendor RequestsHelp Desk422-5644Kelly Taylor
New BuyersDoug Buhler422-7007

Purchasing - Directory by Commodity
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
AdvertisingTrevor Boulter422-6152Todd Mortensen 422-7004
AgriculturalTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Animal ScienceLynette McCoy422-7036Terry Hatch 422-7001
Art and ArtworkTodd Mortensen422-7004Paul Buckner 422-7313
Art SuppliesLynette McCoy422-7036Terry Hatch 422-7001
Audio - VisualBrian Ewell422-7014Todd Mortensen 422-7004
BroadcastingBrian Ewell422-7014Paul Buckner 422-7313
Cable, Internet, BroadcastingBrian Ewell422-7014Todd Mortensen 422-7004
Clothing & TextilesTerry Hatch422-7001Jacob Packer 422-5290
Computer HardwarePaul Anderson422-5060Park Romney 422-7010
Consulting - FinancialTodd Mortensen422-7004Paul Buckner 422-7313
EducationalJSB422-061Todd Mortensen 422-7313
EntertainmentJSB422-061Todd Mortensen 422-7313
FacilitiesTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Facilities, TemporaryBrian Ewell422-7014Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Financial ServicesEric Smith422-2925Allen Nelson 422-2909
Food/BeverageRoland Nelson422-7006Ginger Miller 422-3727
FuelsTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
FurnitureLynette McCoy422-7036Terry Hatch 422-7001
General MiscellaneousPaul Buckner422-7003Paul Buckner 422-7313
Grounds MaintenanceTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Industrial ServicesBrian Ewell422-7014Lynette McCoy 422-7036
IT ServicesPaul Anderson422-5060Park Romney 422-7010
Janitorial Services and SuppliesTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Laundry Equipment and SuppliesTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Legal ServicesPaul Buckner 422-7313
LicensingTrevor Boulter422-5152Todd Mortensen 422-7004
LogisticsTrevor Boulter422-5152Paul Buckner 422-7313
Medical Equipment and ServicesTrevor Boulter422-5152Todd Mortensen 422-7004
MusicTodd Mortensen422-7004Paul Buckner 422-7313
Office EquipmentTyler Hansen422-3472Jacob Packer 422-5290
Office SuppliesJacob Packer422-5290Tyler Hansen 422-3472
PrintingTyler Hansen422-3472Jacob Packer 422-5290
Professional ServicesJSB422-061Todd Mortensen 422-700
Promotional ItemsTyler Hansen422-3472Jacob Packer 422-5290
Safety/SecurityTrevor Boulter422-5152Todd Mortensen 422-700
Scientific Equipment and SuppliesTrevor Boulter422-5152Tyler Hansen 422-3472
Space RentalJake Packer422-5290Paul Buckner 422-7313
SportsGinger Miller422-7003Paul Buckner 422-7313
TelecommunicationsPaul Anderson422-5060Park Romney 422-7010
Travel ManagementBrian Marks422-2906Peter Esera 422-2920
UtilitiesTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
VehiclesBrian Ewell422-7014Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Warehouse and StorageTerry Hatch422-7001Lynette McCoy 422-7036
Waste DisposalJSB422-061Paul Buckner 422-7313

Research Projects Related
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
Center for Service & LearningBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Engineering & TechnologyKristi Chase422-8564Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
FHSSBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Fine ArtsBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
HumanitiesKristi Chase422-8564Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Kennedy CenterBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Law SchoolBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
LibraryBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Life SciencesDavid Morris422-7548Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Marriott School of MgmtBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Maxwell InstituteBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
NursingDavid Morris422-7548Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
Physical & Math SciencesBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
ReligionBrooke Robinson422-8962Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols
School of EducationDavid Morris422-7548Kathleen Rugg / David Nichols

Student Financial Services
Questions related to: Contact PhoneOther Options
Student AccountsEnrollment Services422-4104Student Assistants 422-3874
Off-Campus ReceivablesCrystal Frazier422-2009Student Assistants 422-7549
System Access/IssuesDaniel Christensen422-4259
Department Charges Student Account Specialist 422-7694Lori Glenn 422-1625
Dishonored Checks & Other accounts in CollectionCarol Wilde422-6634Bill Welsh 422-6762

Tax Issues
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
1042-S Foreign Person's U.S. Source of Income StatementPreston Back422-8098Kevin Walker 422-6639
1098 ELori Glenn422-1625ECSI: 888-549-3274
1098 TDaniel Christensen422-4259
1099 Forms - independent contractors, royalties...Accounts Payable 422-3845
General Tax issues & QuestionsPreston Back 422-8098 Kevin Walker 422-6639
Payments to non-US citizens (Forms 1042S)Preston Back422-8098Kevin Walker 422-6639
Sales TaxPreston Back422-8098Kevin Walker 422-6639
W-2's Wage and Tax StatementPayroll Office422-8186

Travel and Reimbursements
Questions Related to:Contact PersonPhoneOther Options
After Hours Travel AssistancePeter Esera372-4783
After Hours International Travel Assistance360-1404
CharterJohn Bramwell422-5645cell phone: 592-8522
Y-Travel Set-upPaul Anderson422-5060cell phone: 372-3503
Y-Travel BookingBrian Marks422-2906cell phone: 885-1837
Corporate Card Administration Lori Reid422-8246Eric Smith: 422-2925
Corporate Travel Agent ManagerBrian Marks422-2906cell phone: 885-1837
General Services, TicketsFront Desk422-3872fax: 422-0660
Help Desk -- Y-Expense, ReimbursementStudents422-5644
International Studies/Student TravelTodd Bird422-9370Kennedy Center: 422-3686
Men's AthleticsLori Sowards422-8026Susan Walters
Women's AthleticsTerri Rowan422-8027Susan Walters

Note: All phone numbers are area code (801), unless stated otherwise.