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Why Work on Campus?


Need a job? Let us help you. Student Employment helps connect students with on-campus employers and vice versa. Available jobs are posted online at  We also have computers in our office (2024 WSC) which students can use to access the website and apply for or look at available jobs.

We offer students flexible work schedules, convenient work locations, employment experience which helps improve your resume, competitive salaries, and the chance to develop excellent work habits. Many employment opportunities are available, ranging anywhere from custodians to computer operators and clerical positions.

Starting Pay Rate

The starting wage at Brigham Young University for students is $9.00 to $20.00 per hour depending on the type of job and your qualifications. There are some positions on campus that have a higher pay range, and eligibility for these positions is usually based on qualifications, previous work experience, and education level (for academic positions).

Contract Hires

Graduate students may be hired on contract as Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants and their wages are determined by the departments. Due to the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) regulations, students may not be employed on both an hourly (Y-Time or timecard) and contract basis at the same time.

FICA Taxes

Undergraduate U.S. citizen students enrolled for at least 6.0 credit hours per semester (3.0 credits per term in spring and summer) and graduate U.S. citizen students enrolled for at least 2.0 credits per semester (1.0 credit per term in spring and summer) are exempt from paying the FICA tax. Neither the department nor the student will pay FICA, which is approximately 8 percent of gross earnings. However, once enrollment drops below the required credits, both the student and the hiring department will pay FICA. This includes students who are cleared to work through a Last Semester Option. International students are exempt by law from paying the FICA tax.

Pay Periods

The BYU pay periods run from Saturday at 12:01 am through the following Friday at midnight. Pay day is every other Friday, one week after the pay period ends. It is required that all BYU employees be paid by direct deposit into a bank account. Pay stubs may be accessed and printed by logging into myBYU, and then in the Campus Links box choosing Work, and View Paycheck.