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Square Troubleshooting Tips and Reminders


Red Bar (No Wi-Fi or Data)

  • If you see a red bar at the top of the screen, this means it is not connected to Wi-Fi or Data and any transactions you process may decline after coming back online.
  • To minimize risk of losing out on sales, do not process transactions while the red bar is present.
    • Troubleshoot: Perform a Hard Reboot.

Frozen App

  • You may encounter the Square app freezing and/or acting sluggish. This is usually due to the length of time the iPad is in use.
    • Troubleshoot: Perform a Hard Reboot.

Error Message: "Guided Access, app unavailable. Please contact your administrator"

  • If you see this message, the app is having communication issues.
    • Troubleshoot: Perform a Hard Reboot.
    • Please note, this particular issue may require multiple hard reboots for the error message to go away. Keep performing the hard reboot until the message goes away.

Card Reader Not Connecting

  • If you plug in the card reader and it isn’t registering in the app, it won’t connect if you keep unplugging and plugging back in.
    • Troubleshoot: Perform a hard reboot and the card reader should then connect.
    • Please document the day this happened and report it to the front office when returning your equipment.

How to do a Hard Reboot

  • Press and hold the home button and power button at the same time until the screen turns black.
  • This may take about 7-10 seconds for the iPad screen to turn black. It will then power up like normal. This can be repeated as many times as necessary.


  • When returning the iPad, all items accompanying the iPad at checkout must be returned in the case.
  • If possible, please charge the iPad prior to returning.
  • All individuals who are cashiering must complete the PCI training prior to taking payments.


If you need any assistance, you may contact the following:

Mobile CC Front Desk

  • 801-422-4701

Braden Stohlton, Merchant Services Administrator