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Class Fees

Anthr 103, 455, 495Rvariable
Art 122, 200$75
Art 330$15
CFM 120$20
Des 394R$25
Desan 394R$150
Desgd 145$25
Desgd 245$100
Desgd 248R$150
Desgd 394Rvariable
Desgd 441R$25
Desil 101$25
Desil 230$35
Desil 253, 357$23
Desil 394Rvariable
Desil 452$75
Desph 270, 377R, 394R$150
Desph 475variable
EXDM 489$100
***Geol 490R, 590Rvariable
IS 565, 567$200
Math 97$75
Music 160R - Fall/Winter$500
Music 160R - Spring/Summer$250
Music 260R, 359R, 360R, 460R, 560R, 660R - Fall/Winter$514
Music 260R, 359R, 360R, 460R, 560R, 660R - Spring/Summer$257
PDBio 220 Lab$5
PWS 112$90
SFL 110$50
SFL 185R, 287, 487$30
SFL 215$80
SFL 382$20
SFL 393R$15
SWELL 116, 117 (Bowling)$80
SWELL 120 (Indoor Rock Climbing)$120
SWELL 150, 151, 152, 153 (Ice Skating/Hockey)variable
SWELL 175, 176 (Scuba Diving)variable
TES 229$30
TES 251$15

*Student must also have equipment and purchase lift passes.
***See department for a fee card.

Miscellaneous Fees and Fines
Admission evaluation fee (nonrefundable)$35
Bicycle registration (Provo City license)No Charge
Change of registration fee-per class (after add deadline)$10
Dishonored check/eCheck charge$20
Examination, special equivalency$20
NDFS-dietetics insurance and ADA dues$50
Graduation (undergraduate) fee (nonrefundable)$15
Identification photo for replacement ID card (no charge for first replacement)$10
National League of Nursing Diagnostic Exam$40
Physical Education locker$5
Traffic violation fines, variable according to violation$5-300
Transcript Fee - Electronic Copy$5
Transcript Fee - Hard Copy$6

Student Teaching/Practicum Fees

Fingerprint Fee
Students in teacher education must be fingerprinted and pass a background check prior to starting practicum experiences with K-12 students. Fees for fingerprinting and background checks are set by the Utah State Office of Education and are listed on the Education Advisement Center Web site:

Licensure Fee
Students who meet all program requirements qualify for a Level 1 teaching license in Utah. Fees for licensure are due with the student teaching application. Licensure fees are set by the Utah State Office of Education and are listed on the Office of Field Services Web site: