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Tuition Delinquent Delete List

Every semester/term, students are deleted from classes shortly after the add deadline if they have failed to pay tuition according to BYU’s tuition payment policy. Click here to view that policy. This is done primarily to remove students from classes who no longer intend to be in school, but have failed to drop the classes themselves. BYU departments may request exceptions to the delete policy for specific students for the following reasons:

  • The department intends to pay the student’s tuition with departmental scholarship funds
  • Other department error

How do I request to put a student on the Do Not Delete List?

To request an exception to the delete policy on behalf of a student, please contact Tiffany Hawkins at

If department personnel are counseling with students who have outstanding tuition due to reasons not shown above, they should advise the student to pay their tuition immediately. BYU’s Short-term Loan is offered to assist students in these situations. Information regarding the Short-term Loan can be found at Enrollment Services.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Financial Services at (801) 422-7694.


Lori Glenn

Tiffany Hawkins

Kali McCleary