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Student Financial Services - COVID-19 FAQ

The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a considerable amount of confusion and financial stress for our students. The BYU Student Financial Services staff is committed to do all that it can to help our students during this period. This web page will alert you to any changes in procedures that we may adopt to make life a little easier for you.

What's New

  • The Student Financial Services Office on campus will be partially open beginning August 17, 2020. A minimum of one full-time employee will be in the office each business day. All other employees will continue to work from home and can be contacted using YMessage, email and by their regular office phone numbers. Masks will be required if you visit the office in person.
  • 6 month loan deferments have been issued for all BYU long-term institutional loans such as Woolley Law School Loans, Marriott School of Management Loans, Cardon International Student loans, and a few others. (See FAQ below)
  • Student refunds will continue to be processed and direct deposited daily. If you are not set up for direct deposit, checks are only printed and mailed once per week; therefore, we strongly suggest that you sign up for Direct Deposit by clicking HERE.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will tuition be reduced because of the class format changes planned for Fall Semester?
Answer: There are no current plans to reduce published tuition rates for Fall Semester or future semesters and terms.

Question: If I withdraw from classes either because I could not adapt to the on-line delivery method or was unsatisfied with the quality of the on-line delivery method, is it possible to receive a refund?
Answer: Generally, students are subject to our normal withdrawal policies and related pro-rata tuition calculations. If you feel an additional refund is warranted you may submit a petition providing details of your reasons for withdrawal. The Pro-Rated Tuition Exception Form can be obtained by clicking HERE.

Question: Will there be a change in tuition payment deadlines?
Answer: Tuition will continue to be due seven days before the start of class. However, if you need to delay payment you can utilize the short-term loan which in essence allows you to extend the tuition deadline. The $20 Short-term Loan application fee will be waived through Summer Term 2021 but will resume starting Fall Semester 2021. You can apply for a Short-term Loan HERE. If time passes and the short-term loan is coming close to due and you are unable to pay then please reach out to Glenda Tolman at to see if any additional arrangements can be made to defer payment.

Question: What if I don't have money to pay for charges on my student account?
Answer: Contact Glenda Tolman at Briefly describe your financial hardship and a date when you believe you could pay for the charges.

Question: I have a question that isn't addressed by any of the above questions and answers, what should I do?
Answer: Please send us a Y-message by clicking on this link.

Link to BYU COVID-19 Notice