Endowments & Gifts

The Office of Endowments, Gifts and Restricted Accounting is primarily responsible for overseeing and accounting for the endowments and gifts received for the University.  Our office also handles moving reimbursements. To accomplish these responsibilities we: 

  • Setup, monitor and account for endowment, gift, restricted, designated, and faculty consolidated accounts.
  • Work closely with LDS Philanthropies and Deseret Trust Company to ensure that all gifts are properly classified and recorded on the books of the University. Also handle the entry for the gift disposals and market value changes.
  • Handle the following types of gifts; cash, gifts in kind, collections, and deferred gifts.
  • Perform the monthly accounting for the unitized endowment investment pool and short and long-term investment  funds. This includes making entries for the buys and sells as well as market value adjustments.     
  • Calculate the endowment payouts and make the distributions
  • Prepare annual endowment donor statements
  • Process faculty and staff moving expense reimbursements
  • Track down recipients of unclaimed checks

Paul K. Larsen, Manager
Office: C-233 ASB
Email: paul_larsen@byu.edu
Phone: 801-422-6630

Anna Peacock
Office: C-233 ASB
Email:  anna_peacock@byu.edu
Phone: 801-422-5996

Sheri Sechler
Office: C-233 ASB
Email:  sheri_sechler@byu.edu
Phone: 801-422-2004

Marva Yapias
Office: C-233 ASB
Email:  marva_yapias@byu.edu
Phone: 801-422-6641

For Additional Information
Office: C-233 ASB
Email: endowments@byu.edu
Email: gifts@byu.edu
Phone: 801-422-6630